I first went to fun and learn the summer of my freshmen year in high school. I had struggled through Spanish class my eight and ninth grade years so my grandmother took it upon her self to seek out the Fun and Learn program. At the time I was not too thrilled to go over to Spain to “learn” during the summer. To me it sounded like school, and I wasn't at all looking forward to the next few weeks of camp. I can even remember trying to talk my way out of it in the airport terminal, luckily for me my parents weren't having it. After my initial anxiety about the whole situation had passed, I started to have a great time. I was seeing new places, discovering new cultures, meeting new people and doing things I thought I'd never do and the entire time I was learning.
The days consisted of two: hour and a half classroom session broken up by free time, along with an afternoon activity period. After the morning learning it was always fun for me to use all the words and phrases that I had been taught in class with the Spanish campers.

It was a very satisfying feeling to see myself becoming better at the language.
After my summer in Spain I came back to school with so many life experiences that other students never had, and on top of that Spanish class was now easy! Since my initial trip as a camper I've returned twice to Fun and Learn as a counselor and never once have I left disappointed. Now I look back on my time in Spain very fondly, the experiences I've been through will forever be part of my make up. My time in Catalonia has not only made me appreciate foreign cultures but my own as well, and it gives me a unique and special aspect of my life. I would recommend Fun and Learn to anyone, because it's an experience that you'll cherish and never forget.

Michael A. Burbank
Peterborough - NH
My name is Mary Casey and my daughter Kristen had a wonderful opportunity to attend the Fun and Learn Camp in Spain three years ago. The program is well run by highly motivated, structured individuals, and the two weeks she spent at the camp continues to be an experience she will never forget. Kristen is a college sophomore pursuing a Business degree with a minor in Spanish. The time spent at the camp has given her insight as to the spanish culture and helped her decide to obtain a degree in Spanish. I very highly recommend this trip for children and young teens fortunate enough to attend.

Mary Casey
Manchester - NH
Both of my daughters have attended the Fun & Learn Summer Camp for multiple summers. My older daughter attended as a counselor for 3 summers and my younger daughter attended as a camper one summer and a junior counselor a second summer.
The summer both girls attended together, my husband and I also travelled to Spain and visited camp the first day. The camp is located in a beautiful mountain setting and is very well run and supervised. In addition to learning Spanish, there are tons of activities such as swimming, bike riding, theater, games etc.
As a parent, I was excited to know that the children have daily access to email and the camp also posts pictures of each day's activities on their web site. I looked forward to visiting the Fun & Learn web site every evening to see what activities occurred during the day and how happy the children seemed to be.
I highly recommend this camp to American students interested in learning Spanish, making new friends and having an incrediblly positive experience!

Sandy King
Peterborough, NH (USA)
This year, I had a great time here at Fun and Learn. In general all the activities were fun and amazing. This was one of the best summer camps of my life. The people were kind and funny and I'm so happy to have stayed here with them. I learned a lot and I think that the classes were fabulous. The food was great.

Ainhoa Colet
Catalonia, Spain
This was my first year there. The counsellors were good and the activities too. I learned more english. I liked this camp and I want to come next year.

This was my first year in this summer camp. In this camp I liked a lot of things, for example: riding the horses and playing football and basketball. The counsellors helped a lot when I had a problem and they taught me a lot of english vocabulary. I liked the food a lot, except for the vegetables! The only thing I didn't like was the weather because it rained almost every afternoon. I have great memories of Fun and Learn.
This was my first year here. I learned a lot! The counsellors are very good. The weather wasn't always good. All the activities were fun. The food wasn't bad. My partners were very funny and generous with me. I really liked the paint war, my t-shirt didn't but that's ok! I want to come to this camp again next year!
Thank you!
Fun and Learn!

Alexandra Kalina
Catalonia, Spain
I am passing a good time here because we do a lot of fun things and I meet a lot of good people. The great thing is that people are so nice. I like to go to the work shop and dance because after the school I always go to the dance academy. Dancing is one of my favorite sports. The Counselors are such good people. I am learning English

Sometimes I don't like the sports. I didn't like going to the soccer field.

The paint war and the beach were the activities that I enjoyed the best.

I don't like the weather because it's always raining during the activities

OK Know more English, know more people, sing songs, the dance with RJ, Michael and Tony, the Disco.

Ok TV news, the travel to the beach, the excursion and the song to get up.

I like going to the pool, but when it's sunny. I love the moment that we sing after the night activity, because I love the songs. I had a very good time in the paint war and then we went to the beach. When It rains I like doing the dance performance and doing bracelets. I love that Cesc and Maira want this to be a very big family and that everyone knows all the campers. I love that we change the seats because I met new people and I spoke in English with all the American counselors.

Likes: The people, The counselors, Singing songs at the terrace, Playing at the soccer field, the trip to Castellar de N'Hug, The night games and paint war.

Don't like: When it rains.

What I like about camp: I had a really good time at fun and learn. I met up with friends from last year and I also met new people. I enjoyed going to the beach. I was great because I love going to the beach and it's better going with my fun and learn friends. I also enjoyed the war of paint, it was fun and I got really covered in paint. I had a really good time at this camp.

What I don't like about camp: I don't hate anything about this camp. But sometimes I get very tired because we get up very early. Other times at night we can't speak with our friends a little bit but it was ok because the next morning we have to wake up early and I understand it. One day, we went to the soccer field and it started to rain and I got really wet. This was one thing that I didn't like but everything else was fine and I learned a lot.

I liked going to the beach and the time when we took a nap in Tony's class. The paint war was also really fun, and I would love to do it again. Kayaking at the Olympic canal was fun too. But I haven't enjoyed the activities that we have done on the rainy afternoons. I've learned some English at this camp and I think I had a great time over all.

What I've liked most about the camp has been the nap time with Tony ( he called it therapy). Going to the beach was also fun and kayaking at the Olympic canal. The paint war was a lot of fun too because we got to paint the counselors. The worst thing about the camp has been the weather, as it's rained everyday and we weren't able to do some of the activities. I also didn't like at all when Cesc took us running because the other boys behavior.

I like games: football, basketball, and volleyball.

The camp is cool!

I would change nothing - all of it is good.

I like swimming in the swimming pool.

I would change nothing. It is very beautiful.

This is my second time in Fun & Learn and I enjoy it. Every day that I spend here is awesome, and I learn English.
Josep Nubiola
I like coming to Fun & Learn because you can do nice activities, make excellent friends, and this is my second year and it is so fun.

Fun & Learn is a great camp where we always have a good time. We make some friends, and we learn some English.

David Serra
I like going with my friends in the pool. I have come here four years, and I like all of the things.
Meritxell Bel Català
Fun & Learn is a camp where you meet friends and spend all day playing different games. It is very funny.

Irina Perucho
Fun & Learn is a camp where you learn English. We do a lot of activities, games, sports, and excursions. We do classes, too, but always speaking English and having fun.
Fun & Learn is very cool and very happy. I am very comfortable here in Castellar de N’Hug in the summer camp. Fun and Learn is very fun.

Ferran Giné
Fun and Learn is a great camp. There I have a good time. I learned a lot of English, and I met some friends.

At Fun and Learn you can improve your English with the counselor and the guys. I like it because you are in the middle of the mountains, and you learn a lot here. The place is very good, and the food is great!

Roger Fabra
Fun and Learn is the best summer camp that I go to in my life. You meet friends and you have fun and learn.

Fun and learn is the perfect place where children can learn and improve their english as they meet friends and have fun. Almost all of the counselors are native speakers and campers must speak in english with all of them. I had a really good experience here and I can only say positive things about it. I encourage you to register your children in this camp, you won't regret.
Marta Rosselló. Counselor.
I like workshop because it is very funny and we play a lot of sports.

David Montero. Fourteen years old. Summer 20013
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