Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

QUESTION (from a mother of a camper 2010)
Is the fee refundable if camp doesn't take place or there is some emergency and camper can't go at the last minute?
ANSWER (from the organization)
Regarding cancellation we would suggest the parents to buy a travel insurance when they purchase the plane ticket just in case they want to cancel last minute so they can have their money refunded. The same thing they should do with our program, If camp doesn't take place, it would be our responsibility and we would give back the money (I hope that never happens - it would be a major force) we offer the possibility that parents buy an insurance so in case of cancellation because they get sick or have a major issue last minute, they will have their money refunded.
QUESTION (From a teacher in NH)
one of the kids I'm sending, loves horses. She is a very grown-up teenager with a wonderful attitude. She teaches younger kids horseback riding lessons and works with my mom's horses in NH. She heard that there are horses at camp and would love to be involved with them. She would love to take care of them and help in any way. Would this be a possibility? She's highly competent.
ANSWER (from the counselor in charge of horses)
I would be really happy to have some help with the horses!
QUESTION (from a dad in the USA)
I have reviewed the website but do not see any reference to background checks etc done on the teachers/counselors. Please provide me information on how you screen these individuals.
ANSWER (from the administration and human recourses department)
our counselors are from Spain and from the USA. In Spain there is a law that regulates camps so each summer camp at least needs 40% of the counselors with a certification on outdoors education provided by official organizations and universities. For the American counselors we offer the position to college students in the educational field and there are few requirements besides three recommendation letters, clean criminal record, and their personal resume. Their abilities, their age and their previous experiences in camps are factors that we consider before choosing a counselor or another.
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