USA with your family - Family summercamp in NH for all your family
General Information

Family summer camp in the USA, to learn Spanish with all your family members. Meet families coming from Spain and enjoy a week of learning while having lots of Fun!
Dates: from August 6th to the 11th (optional: extension visiting Boston + New York)
Live in an authentic American Summer camp (stay in a bungalow)
With activities for the parents and for the children with Americans & Spanish families.

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We’re all young enough to go to camp! For more than fifteen years we’ve invited campers to join Fun and Learn's summer camp programs for children and teens in Spain and in the USA. Now it is time to start inviting families to join our programs in the USA during August. Join our camp for five days of roasting marshmallows, hiking, swimming, and counting the stars. It’s a great way to “unplug” and to spend time with the family away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

You’ll stay in our dorms, bungalows and cabins, our cooks will fill your bellies with fresh greens and tasty food, and our talented staff will keep up the energy level with games, hikes, boating expeditions and more. We offer all sorts of great activities – from canoes, high ropes & zip lines to volley ball matches, bike races, team building activities and much more – there is certainly something for everyone.


The Summer Camp is located in the New Hampshire state, one hore and a half away from the city of Boston.

New Hampshire is a small state in the USA. It is in New England, in the north east of the country and it borders with Massachussets in the south, with Vermont in the west, with Quebec in the North and with Maine and Atlantic Ocean in the east.

It is the second estate with more extension of woods. It is full of mountains, woods and lakes where you can find all kind of animals.

The Summer Camp owns a big extension of land, with a lake in its property. It it sorrounded by woods and nature.


The acommodation is in cabins where there are bunk beds and ensuite bathroom.
A tipical American Summer camp. By a pond in the middle of the woods.
Each family has its own cabin.


7:00 good morning
7:30 first block of activity
8:30 breakfast
9:30 second block of activity
12:00 lunch
13:00 siesta
14:00 activity
15:00 snack
15:30 activity
17:30 dinner
19:00 night game
21:00 good night
*schedule may vary

***ACTIVITIES: kayak, canoing, archery, fishing, rock climing, high ropes, team building games, swimming in the lake, excursions, primary skills, camp fires, soccer, beach...

FOR THE CAMPERS AGED LESS THAN 7 YEARS OLD: the schedule depends on the chosen Day Camp:
from 9:00 to 12:00/from 9:00 to 15:00 or from 9:00 to 17:00.

Parents start with the day activities after breakfast.

During meal times is when all the campers and families gather together in the same dining room. Tables are divided by cabin groups or by activity groups.
Meals are prepared every day in the Camp kitchen and it is very assorted.
During lunch and dinner there is always a salad bar + main dishes.

Adults eat with the adults and campers eat with their groups, following once more the linguistical immersion.

*there are always adapted menus for any special food needs.



Boston is the capital and the biggest city of Massachusetts state, in the USA. It is also the cultural and business center of all New England and it was founded in 1630. It is one of the most important cities of the country and its economy is based mainly in education, health care, finances and technology.

Some things to do:
walk around old part of the city, parks and gardens, city hall, financial area, shopping, museums, theatres, aquarium, whales sightseeing, visit Cambridge and Harvard univeristy, a Red Sox beisball game...

New York:
only 4 hours on a bus or 1 less than one hour on a plane.
New York is the cultural and economical most important city in the world. . New York offers an unique life style that we can not explain, you have to live it and enjoy it.

Some things to do:
musical in Broadway, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, a walk in Central Park, visit the museums, shopping in Fifth Avenue, feel like a broker in Wall Street, visit the Statue of Liberty...

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